Information Entrepreneur Intensive Home Study Course with Randy Gage, Ford Saeks and Joshua Shafran Information Entrepreneur Intensive Home Study Course with Randy Gage, Ford Saeks and Joshua Shafran Information Entrepreneur Intensive Home Study Course with Randy Gage, Ford Saeks and Joshua Shafran

Meet the Experts...

Randy Gage marketing & copywriting expertRANDY GAGE

Randy Gage is a brilliant marketing strategist, having twice built multi-million-dollar information entrpreneur intensiveinformation entrepreneur businesses. He has authored more than 50 books, audio albums, videos, and other information products. Randy's personally sold more than $12 million of his own information products, and hundreds of millions more for his clients and protégées. Randy's books and other resources have been translated into Chinese, Norwegian, Spanish, Korean, German, Russian, Czech, Indian, Portuguese, Slovene, Macedonian, Croatian, Indonesian, and Dutch.

Randy's online coaching program boasts clients in more than 40 different countries, at fees from $277 to $75,000 annually. He is one of the most sought after speakers in the market, pulling down from $20,000 to $40,000 per speech, and filling up seminars and Boot Camps with tickets as much as $10,000 a person. He has conducted trainings in more than 25 nations around the globe.

As a corporate consultant, he gets six-figure initiation fees, and monthly retainer contracts of $10,000 to $40,000. A month. (And he doesn't even look for this business. He has no brochure, doesn't have a business card, and his phone number is unlisted!)

It wasn't until 2001 that Randy began marketing information products on the Internet. Unlike many Internet marketers, Randy doesn't write code, and couldn't build a website if his life depended on it. He simply conceptualizes sites on a yellow legal pad, and then turns them over to marketing strategist Ford Saeks.

Randy currently has over 300 URLs, linking to nine major destination sites, which then feed off to more than 75 sales letter and other simple sites. ALL of these sites have recouped their development costs and are ongoing profit centers. Randy has proven that the technical knowledge is secondary to creating a strong offer, compelling copy, and understanding direct marketing principles.

Randy is a self-taught student of direct response marketing. Although he rarely works for others, he is considered by many people in the know to be the world's foremost copywriter. He was a pioneer in utilizing "magalogs" to dominate specific market segments, and he's quite well versed in direct mail, space ads, and other direct marketing strategies.

Most importantly, Randy didn't do all this by selling kits on how to be an information entrepreneur. He actually works in other markets.

In the Information Entrepreneur Intensive Home Study Course, Randy reveals how he came to dominate those markets.

Ford Saeks, Entrepreneur and Marketing ConsultantFORD SAEKS

An Entrepreneur almost since birth, when he tried to sell tickets to his kindergarten class for recess, Ford Saeks is positioned as one of America's Top Marketing Mentors. For over twenty years, Ford has been actively involved in the successful growth and operation of multiple business ventures in a variety of industries. He built his first business at age 16, reaped the profitable rewards and was labeled "A True Entrepreneur."

For more than 25 years, Ford Saeks has been actively involved in the successful growth and operation of multiple business ventures in a multitude of industries. He has founded more than ten successful companies, received three U.S. Patents, and developed a sizable collection of intellectual property.  He has authored four business plans that received SBA financing and successfully repaid each of them.  

Ford doesn't just talk about information and Internet marketing solutions, he lives them every day.  Ford is the behind-the-scenes genius who manages all website and online operations for Randy Gage.  One of the early pioneers in online marketing, he started his first corporate site in 1993, is certified to train on numerous software and programming topics, and designed the websites and e-commerce programs for many of today's most successful information entrepreneurs.   

Ford has conducted more than 500 Internet and marketing related seminars in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.  His consulting and training programs include work for Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, universities, non-profit organizations, and associations.   Obviously Ford is a brilliant entrepreneur, but it's important to know that he has a gift for presenting information in a simple straightforward way that anyone can understand.

As President of Prime Concepts Group, Inc., Ford has a 17-year track record of providing successful backend support services for other high profile speakers such as Les Brown and Tom McCarthy.   Ford's company publishes the majority of Randy Gage's English language information products. 

Ford's patented products have sold millions of units and still sell worldwide today, through retail stores, mail-order catalogs, mass merchants, and the Internet.  (Ford was the marketing consultant who helped the designers of children's floating swimwear take their product line to market and produce more than $10 million in sales.  And you have no doubt seen the floor to ceiling, tension mount bike rack in numerous catalogs.  That was Ford's invention, which has sold more than $28 million dollars worth, and counting.)

Ford has consulted and trained thousands of people in the areas of sales, marketing, and the Internet. 

In the Home Study Course, Ford reveals the methods, strategies, and systems he uses successfully, so you can apply them in your own business!

Joshua Shafran Internet Marketing ExpertJOSHUA SHAFRAN

When he was a small child, the parents and teachers of Joshua weren't quite sure if he was a problem child, or just "slow." He had a difficult time grasping certain things and didn't learn to read until he was almost 13 years old. Well it turns out he was brilliant, because once his learning disorder was diagnosed, Joshua Shafran went on to carve a swath through Internet marketing circles that left insiders and veterans breathless. (Not to mention being the only Tenor who actually graduated from college.)And it's actually because of his learning disability that Joshua has developed his reputation as such an amazing coach and teacher. Because essentially he had to teach himself how to learn-he is capable of chunking down even the most complex subjects to understandable concepts you can immediately grasp and act on.

His love of coaching and development led him into the sales arena where he took a position in a national seminar and education company and found himself traveling all over the US, training and coaching over 100,000 small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs every year. Joshua outlined and documented some of this training experience into a book, which he self-published and printed 10,000 copies. This presented a slight problem because he then had to figure out how to sell all 10,000 copies himself. This led Joshua to learn all he could about the science of Direct Response Marketing.

Not even knowing what email or the Internet was, he registered his first website and started his online exploration. Joshua learned through trial and error and within 12 months, that site became the top in its category, doing over $17,000 a month in sales-at a time when it was widely believed that you couldn't make money online.Needless to say, Joshua sold all 10,000 copies of his book using this online systemized sales system, and that system is still in place today, selling the second digital edition of that book.As word of his success grew, Joshua was recruited to develop several of his "Systemized Sales Processes" for a small, start-up Internet company. Joshua's direct marketing and sales systems grew that company to over $6 million a year in annual sales in less than 24 months-and the company became one of the top 50 web properties in the world, trafficking over 18 million unique visitors every month!

Because of the high traffic lab he had to work with, Joshua did literally thousands of different side by side marketing tests (A/B split testing) to discover what worked and what didn't. He masterminded and pioneered all sorts of innovative new online marketing methods as a result of this work. Some of these are now considered standard operating procedure in the online world today, but were completely undiscovered before he started exploring them.Just one of the several systems Shafran pioneered for this company sold over 200,000 downloadable digital information products (that's UNITS, not dollars... 200,000 CUSTOMERS) over a three year period.During this time, Joshua also created lead generation and conversion systems for many clients in all sorts of industries ranging from mortgage refinancing to MLM, from financial planning to satellite TV, and from new home construction to Real Estate investments. His legendary "Fred, the Flat Headed Flea" campaign generated over one million leads, which produced millions of dollars in sales.It was that experience that led Joshua to come out from behind the scenes and create his own education, training and business development company. He released his "Net Profits On Demand" (N-POD) home study system and it instantly became a best seller, earning him the moniker "Mr. N-POD" in online circles.

In less than two years he successfully trained almost 2,000 people with his unique N-POD system and methods (and that's no small feat considering that he again was starting from zero and the N-POD training system was priced at $500). This product was later integrated into his fast selling "Income For Life" product line, built around his proprietary 9-step business development process.

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